Photoshoot with Reema Ismail: Part 2


OUTFIT 1: BRANDY MELVILLE black tank H&M plaid skirt URBAN OUTFITTERS choker DR. MARTENS boots
OUTFIT 2: AMERICAN APPAREL grid crop-top MANGO skirt VINTAGE denim jacket DR. MARTENS boots

Here are the rest of the photos from my photoshoot with Reema. Again, I'm so happy with the photos Reema is a photographing genius. You better check out her website and blog and follow her on Instagram. If you don't, I'm judging you. 


Photoshoot with Reema Ismail: Part 1


TOPSHOP white crop-top ZARA top VINTAGE CALVIN KLEIN distressed jeans DR. MARTENS boots

Recently I contacted Reema asking if she wanted to shoot together since I am absolutely in love with her photography. I follow her on Instagram and I'm pretty much hitting the like button for every photo, it's hard not to like any of her photos they are all incredible! I was so excited when we finally got to shoot and I really enjoyed working with her. She made me feel super comfortable and encouraged me to do whatever I felt like (especially any super weird and tangled shapes with my body) and that she promised the photos would look great... Low and behold, she more than lived up to her promise. I can't express enough how much I love these photos because they're different from any photos I've taken before. Even though these photos are simple Reema has a talent for capturing the soul and beauty of anything she photographs, it's rather remarkable. I really hope to work with her again sometime soon.

I will be posting the second half of my favorite photos from the shoot soon so make sure you check back to the blog to see the rest of the photos. In the mean time make sure you follow Reema on Instagram and keep up with her photography on her website and blog.


Long Overdue Vacation Outfit


ZARA blouse TOPSHOP jeans&sandals RAY-BAN sunglasses MARC JACOBS purse VINTAGE GUCCI watch

This is an outfit I wore while I was away on vacation in Serbia and I completely forgot to post these photos. I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging as so many people have been telling me how much they love my blog so I feel I need to step my game back up! I thought I would at least post these photos so they don't go to waste. 

I don't remember what I was doing that day, probably just walking around the city with my mom who by the way, took these lovely photos for me (thanks mama!). Anywho, I was having some troubles trying to figure out how to wear this blouse without having my bra showing and alas, I found the perfect bra! It's a skin colored bra I picked up from WALMART and it blends in perfectly as it doesn't draw attention to the bra. Instead the focus is on the amazing details of the blouse, which is the goal!

I paired this blouse with my favorite TOPSHOP jeans and sandals which made the outfit more casual, in contrast to the more fancy blouse. These RAY-BAN sunglasses are absolutely to DIE FOR. I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to my uncle who bought them for me for my birthday. I haven't worn any other sunglasses since I got them. 

Anyways, I've got some new photos to share with you guys so stay tuned as I have a lot in store for you guys :) XO

Belgrade, Serbia 2014


Hello friends! 

It has been quite a long time since my last post and I thought it was time for a new one. The reason I've been MIA is because I was extremely busy the last month before I went away for vacation that I just couldn't find the time to post any outfits. I had so much to do before I had to leave and felt especially stressed since I had a class to worry about as well. Once I went away I decided to just take the time off and enjoy my vacation with no obligations whatsoever. I know it's been a while guys, but I'm here to say I'm back!

I've been back from my vacation for over a month now so I thought it was fitting to show you guys some of my pics from Belgrade, Serbia. The majority of my family lives there so it was really great to see them and spend time with them, even if it was for a short while. I had an amazing time this year and made so many great memories, I miss it already... I've actually never cried about having to leave Serbia in past years but for some reason I got really emotional at the airport this year when we were saying goodbye to my grandma and uncle. I don't have the luxury of going to my grandma's house whenever I feel like it (I mean I could but it would be very expensive and take A LOT of time..) so if you are fortunate enough, please spend all the time you can with your family and loved ones. I would love to see my grandma everyday, I learn so much from her and it breaks my heart that we can't spend more time together... God, I'm going to get emotional just writing this... blah! 

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is that these yearly trips back home really make me appreciate how blessed I am to have all of these amazing individuals in my life, even those that are far away. Well, that is, far in distance but close to heart! And not just these individuals, but to have the opportunity to go away every summer and all the opportunities I am pursuing here, heck, even the ability to pursue my dreams is amazing and I am forever grateful. It's really easy to get sucked up in all the things we feel are missing in our lives, and what we wish would happen for us and basically just go on this 'woe-is-me' path, but the reality is nobody lives a perfect life and it's time to just embrace what you have and make the most of it.

I've had some time to reflect on my life this summer and I've come to the conclusion, if you want something you're the only person in the whole world who has the power to make it happen for you. You control your life. So make your dreams happen because that is what I intend to do... As the ever-beautiful and insanely talented Lupita Nyong'o beautifully stated in her forever memorable acceptance speech, " matter where you are from, your dreams are valid." XO