Just Another Day at Work



As the title is implying, I had work yesterday and this was my outfit. I actually had another outfit planned but since it was raining I just couldn't wear it (otherwise my feet would have been soaked) so I had to settle for this outfit. I love the color of the blazer, it's a warm yellow not an intense in-your-face color. As well, I also love my creepers because they're so different. I don't see a lot of people in Vancouver wearing them probably because most people aren't comfortable going for such a wacky shoe, but I really like them! They're a nice change from typical Converse shoes (which yes I own and yes I still love) or Toms (which for the record I do not own God forbid......) I recently purchased my watch because obviously I can't have my phone out while I'm working so it was time to invest in a watch for work. I knew immediately I would buy a Marc Jacobs watch just because I'm that obsessed with Marc Jacobs.. But can you blame me?

New Purchases: Mesh-Craze


ASOS mesh insert midi dress FRONT ROW SHOP elastic knit dress with double layers

I've been looking for a dress with a mesh detail like the black dress and I finally found one on FRONTROWSHOP.com. I like the simplicity of it, making it easy to pair it with different types of clothing. For example, if I wanted to make it more formal I could pair it with a fitted blazer. Or if I wanted to make it more casual I could pair it with a over-sized sweater. I also found this hot white dress from ASOS.com which I absolutely love! It's form-fitting but not too revealing, just showing hints of skin under mesh. If it comes in time I plan to wear it to my cousin's Dry-Grad (fingers crossed). Can't wait for these dresses to arrive in the mail and for me to wear them!

Whistler Weekend


FIRST OUTFIT: BRANDY MELVILLE knit crop-tank&maxi skirt CONVERSE sneakers
SECOND OUTFIT: school sweatshirt, TOPSHOP jeans
THIRD OUTFIT: BEBE maxi dress WILFRED jean jacket MARC JACOBS purse

This May Long Weekend, my girlfriends and I went up to Whistler for the weekend. I didn't take very many photos and as you can tell I took all of them on my iPhone, so the quality isn't the best. But these are the photos I managed to take of my outfits. The weather wasn't too bad except that it was really cold even when the sun was out, so most of the time I was freezing! Nothing much to say about these photo except that the first outfit is my fav from the trip.

Also, I've been sick since I got back from my trip so that's why I haven't been posting any outfits this week. I'll hopefully start getting better soon, and once I do I'll start posting. I have a lot of ideas in mind for my next shoots so stay tuned!

Get Rihanna's Look for Less!


OASAP blouse FOREVER 21 skirt ALDO heels TOBI body chain TOPSHOP earrings&lipstick
Hello everyone! It's been a while I know, I've had a pretty busy week but I apologize for my lack of posts. I was working last week and then for the long weekend I went away to Whistler with my girlfriends (I'll be posting pics from the trip in the next post). I was actually planning on posting this before I left for my trip but I never got around to it, so I'm posting it now!

I remember when I did my first 'Get the Look for Less' I got a lot of great feedback and people wanted me to do more. So I decided to do another one and this is what I came up with. If you don't already know by now I have an insane obsession with Rihanna and her style, so I thought who better to do this post on then her! I specifically chose this outfit because I don't think a lot of people would feel daring enough to wear it. That's why I put this together to show everyone that we can all wear it. Personally, I wouldn't wear the blouse open like Rihanna has because that is quite revealing (Rihanna can get away with it because...well... she's Rihanna!) But I love the print on the blouse from OASAP. It's got a tribal/safari vibe which is on trend now. You can't go wrong with a nude pointy heel because you can pair it with anything and the blue skirt is a great statement piece because of the pop color. Also, if you haven't already I suggest buying a body chain because they can be the perfect accessory to jazz up your outfit. Sometimes when I wear my body chain I don't even bother with a necklace or bracelet because it's enough.

I really like this outfit and I hope you guys do too. Let me know what you think!! xo

Paisley Jacquard Playsuit


TOPSHOP playsuit JEFFREY CAMPBELL heels MARC JACOBS purse SABOSKIRT gold cross bracelet ALDO spike bracelet&knuckle ring CC SKYE bracelet MARC JACOBS sunglasses

Working at Topshop I noticed these shorts that were the same material as this playsuit but I think it had some blue in it, and I tried it on but I didn't like it on me. Then I saw Topshop also had the same material but in a playsuit and I absolutely loved it. I never thought I'd ever gravitate towards something in a paisley pattern but I guess you just never know until you try! I always tell my customers, "Don't ever tell yourself you can't wear something. You never know, try on the clothes because you could be amazed at how a piece of clothing can transform from sitting on the rack to sitting on you." And it's absolutely true! So many times I've looked at something and said, there is no way this will look good on me... I try it on and bam. Total transformation. I swear people, you need to try on the clothes don't be lazy bums!!!

As for the heels... My god. I am amazed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I never thought I would purchase a pair of heels with a clear heel... Never say never! I really love these heels with the one strap across the ankle and toes, and this heel has that vibe just with thicker straps and heel. They are so comfy and easy to walk in, can't wait to wear them out.

Rihanna Inspired



I think we can all agree when I say that Rihanna has an amazing style. I am always inspired by her outfits; whether it be from her beanies or to her skinny-strapped heels, she always sets herself apart from the crowd and throws her own twist into her outfits. Not only is she a talented singer & performer, and crazy gorgeous, but she also is a major trend-setter in the world of fashion. Working at Topshop, I have seen so many Rihanna inspired pieces of clothing, like tube skirts, round denim skirts, and crop-tops. Rihanna has definitely made a name for herself in the fashion world and I look forward to seeing her career flourish!

 Anyone who knows me, certainly knows my insane obsession for Rihanna. I decided to put together an outfit just to show my appreciation for her. Although I'm sure Rihanna would wear something a lot more daring then I have, I believe I have incorporated a lot of Rihanna inspired pieces into this outfit. I'm so happy I bought this t-shirt at the concert, I've been wearing it everyday and can't wait to actually wear out and show off my love for Riri!

Elephant Overalls


TOPSHOP denim jacket&overalls AMERICAN APPAREL crop-top JUICY COUTURE sandals SABOSKIRT bracelet MARC JACOBS purse NARS lipstick

The other day I went to Ikea because I need to buy a dresser for my room, I really need to organize my clothes in a better way so I'm hoping I'll find a good one! Anyways this was the outfit I wore, it was such a hot day and I really wanted to wear my new overalls so I decided it was a good opportunity to wear them for the first time. The material of the overalls is really thin and lightweight so it's perfect for hot summer days, I wasn't hot at all. I chose to pair the overalls with my crop-top because I really love them but because my body isn't as fit as I'd like it to be yet, I don't really get to wear them (I mean I could wear them but my belly would just be hanging out and that would not be a very pretty sight). By pairing the crop-top with these overalls though, my stomach and hips are hidden and there's only a slight bit of skin showing which is perfect for summer! I also paired my overalls with my hot pink sandals and lipstick just to add a little pop of color to the outfit. I've got to say I am beyond obsessed with these overalls, I'll probably be wearing them all the time now!

Orthodox Easter


AMERICAN APPAREL crop t-shirt TALULA silk skirt EVERNEW necklace SABOSKIRT bracelet JEFFREY CAMPBELL boots

Sunday was the Orthodox Easter and I celebrated with my parents. We had a nice lunch that my mom prepared and we Skyped with my grandma and her sister while we were eating. This is sort of our tradition, we Skype with them every year for Easter and catch up. This was what I wore and since it was such a beautiful day I decided to take some photos of my outfit to show you guys. I really like this skirt it's so cute and I'm happy I found a good opportunity to wear it. I didn't want my outfit to be too busy so I paired the skirt with a simple crop-top, gold necklace and black boots. The look is cute, trendy and perfect for an Easter feast.

Work Outfit


TOPSHOP sweater EVERNEW blouse URBAN OUTFITTERS shorts TOPSHOP tights DR. MARTENS boots MARC JACOBS purse ZARA necklace

It was such a beautiful day on Saturday but unfortunately I had to work all day! I managed to take some photos of my outfit before I went to work and this is what I wore. Again, yes I layered a top with a blouse underneath, I don't know why but I love that kind of combination. Something about layering a top with a blouse with a collar just makes the outfit look a lot more edgier, or in this case it really added a pop of color! I just recently purchased this sweater and am so in love with the color. The tights I bought a while ago and finally had the chance to wear them.

By the way, I know I said I was going to post photos of my outfit from my last interview but I was really tired that day and never got the chance to take photos, sorry! But I promise to post outfits all this week so stay tuned. Also, yes I do have a job now.... I got a job at Topshop! I was really happy and excited seeing as this is my very first job in retail, I couldn't think of any better place to start working at. I'm also really happy to be working at Topshop because now that I actually get to see all the clothes I get inspired to buy pieces of clothing I normally wouldn't even try on! For example, I will be posting an outfit of my new elephant overalls from Topshop... It might sound strange but trust me when you see them you'll love them as much as I do.