This is my sixth summer outfit. I recently went shopping with my friend and I bought a lot of things, one of them being this super fun shirt. What drew me to the shirt was the pins on it, how cute is that? It is super light-weight so perfect for summer and it's a cropped top which I have been looking for for awhile. I got it H&M so it was a decent price. It also has buttons going down the back that makes it even more playful, I absolutely love it. I paired it with this high-waisted skirt underneath and for the pop of color I chose my orange miss sixty sandals. For the jewelery I decided not to wear any necklace because it would be too busy with the shirt, so I wore two rings. A slender silver one that always makes my outfits a little more edgy and my new Forever 21 ring which is such a statement piece which I love! And by the way... I don't know if you guys noticed but I got my hair done, Ombre style! I wanted to change my look for summer and it's my senior year so I'm thinking, go big or go home! I'm going to be making this year count big time. I love this entire outfit, what do you guys think?

California Dreams Katy Perry concert


Tuesday night my cousin, my friend and I went to Katy Perry's concert! It was such an entertaining show, and oh my gosh is Katy Perry gorgeous!!! I am absolutely jealous of Russell Brand, she's a BABE. But anyways, she kept everyone in a great mood and excited, and boy can she sing! The thing I love about Katy Perry is that she has a fantastic body. Not only are her boobs big and PERFECT, but she has a very curvacious body, not stick skinny or anything, and most importantly she's proud of it and owns it! She is such an inspiration and I am in love with her style. She has a very 50's/ candy store inspired look, LOVE it! I ended up buying a fab light stick and a t-shirt of her beautiful face on it :3 One of the best concerts I have ever been to. As for my outfit, my friends and I decided to make our own t-shirts. I made the pictures on the computer and we went to Bang-On and had them printed out, and I think they turned out pretty good! I definitely did not want to blend in, seeing as Katy Perry does not hold back in her outfits, so I decided to wear this floral skirt and my wonderful wedges! I wore false lashies for a more dramatic look and added in my new cute headband I got at forever 21 for TEN bucks ( yehaaww!). I had an amazing time with my girls, a great way to spend my summer before I leave for Europe. No regrets just love BABY.



Say hello to my next summer outfit. This is infused with my DIY project, I just loved how my fringed top turned out so I had to do a photo shoot centered around my top :) I love how my outfit is giving off a rock&roll vibe, but it still has a young and fun vibe to it. I used to love that t-shirt only because it glowed in the dark, yes I KNOW, pretty killer! But now I don't wear it all, so I decided to put it to good use and funked it up a bit. It's a perfect summer item as well, if only the weather here would be nicer..

Diy: Fringed Top

I'm sure you have seen these fringed tops everywhere lately. And to be quite frank.. I dig! But why go out and buy a fringed top when you can make one yourself from an old t-shirt, peerfss!

What you will need: scissors, old t-shirt. Now follow these steps:
Step 1: Start cutting your shirt in strips. You can cut them however long and wide you would like.
Step 2: Keep cutting the same way across the entire bottom of the t-shirt.

Step 3: Stretch out each strand. You can tie some strands together to make it fun and different.

Step 4(optional): If you want to turn your t-shirt into a tank, then all you have to do is turn your shirt inside-out, align a tank top you own on top of the shirt and cut the sleeves following the tank-top.
And voila! This is your end result.
I hope this helped you, and had fun doing it. Send me your results I wanna see what you guys come up with! If you have any creative DIY projects, let me know I'm always interested in making my clothes personalized.



Say hello to my fourth summer outfit! Wow, I have really been lagging in my posts huh... Well not to worry! I'm leaving for Europe in a few weeks, so surely I will have many outfits and inspirations to make up for it. Anyways, back to this outfit, today it wasn't very sunny or cheerful. I felt very laid-back, so I decided to put together a casual outfit. Even though the sun wasn't out, it was still quite warm, so these pants were the perfect item for the day. They are from Marciano and sit right below the waist. They have elastics at the bottom which gives you the ability to pull them up more to make them like capris or leave them as I did in the photo. They are made of a very light-weight material so you're not too hot or too cold, just perfect! Seeing as the pants aren't very 'summer-y' on their own, I decided to add the pop of color in the shirt. It's from Aritztia, and yes nothing really too special to it, but I love the brightness of the shirt, and in this outfit it makes it feel like summer. I kept the shoes simple, with a black sandal from Miss Sixty. I absolutely love these sandals! They are so hot and comfy, what more could a girl ask for?